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06 July 2022
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Planning Your Business Bounceback

This is going to be a very difficult time for you, your practice, your team as well as your patients, so its important that you identify the strategies to allow your business to bounceback and start to recover lost profits.

By Phillip Barker at 04 May 2020
The importance of evidence

Dean Barker explains the importance of having evidence-based practice valuations

By Dean Barker at 19 Mar 2020
Getting down to the bones of your business

Sue Vickers explains the lengthy, but essential, process of due diligence when buying or selling a dental practice

By Sue Vickers at 06 Feb 2020
A financial guide to buying a dental practice

The new year may be when you decide to buy your own practice. Lucy Keeble offers practical advice on getting started

By Lucy Keeble at 09 Jan 2020
Specialists smooth out the process

If you are thinking of buying or selling a dental practice without the help of qualified specialists, you might want to reconsider. Louise Matkin explains why

By Louise Matkin at 05 Dec 2019
Total 121 Articles - Page 10 of 25