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06 July 2022
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Sell your group of practices with MediEstates

Once you have built your business empire, the time will arise when you need to plan your exit strategy and sell your Group for a deal structured on your terms with the right price.

By Dean Barker at 18 Feb 2021
Dental Practice Valuations - The MediEstates Way

It is never too early in a dental-business owner’s career to seek a practice valuation. In fact, regular valuations can boost profitability and provide the best possible set-up for the next career stage.

By Dean Barker at 17 Feb 2021
Lunchtime Lockdown Webinars

Organised by MediHoldings in partnership with Spot On Business Planning and the BDA, the Lunchtime Lockdown Webinars are helping thousands of dentists and business owners through an exceptional year of hardship and unpredictability.


By MediHoldings at 20 Jan 2021
Business in Focus - Winter 2020

Business in Focus is a collection of insights from MediHoldings on the current market trends within practice valuations, practice sales, recruitment and finance.

By MediHoldings at 18 Jan 2021
Why have a dental practice valued every year?

Following on from the top 10 reasons to value your dental practice, it would be good to explain how the process works and what the result is.

By Maja Thompson at 15 Jan 2021
Total 121 Articles - Page 6 of 25