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29 May 2020
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Indemnity insurance
Traditionally medical professionals have relied on the defence unions to provide them with indemnity cover. However the “indemnity” provided by the defence unions is on a discretionary basis - there is no guarantee that a claim will be paid - and if a claim is declined there are no rights of recourse or appeal via a regulator.
By Anne Barker at 11 Mar 2015
Death and taxes
George Osbourne's announcement on the pension tax charge on death is good news for retirees. Coming into force in April 2015, the new rules simplify the existing regime and remove a tax trap that has caught out many investors over recent years.
By Anne Barker at 24 Feb 2015
Home insurance
Home owners paid less on average for their buildings and contents insurance last year, says the Association of British Insurers (ABI).
By Anne Barker at 09 Feb 2015
Income sustainability
Retirees now have a number of new income options. Whilst an underwritten annuity might be the benchmark for a guaranteed return, some may decide to invest monies outside of a pension to generate an income. However, anything over 25% is liable to tax on leaving the pension fund, and may be taxable again depending on the investment vehicle that is used subsequently.
By Anne Barker at 03 Feb 2015
Property sales soar 2014
Property sales across the UK rose by 14% last year to 1.22 million, the highest number since 2007.
By Anne Barker at 15 Jan 2015
Total 81 Articles - Page 11 of 17