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04 August 2020
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Property sales soar 2014
Property sales across the UK rose by 14% last year to 1.22 million, the highest number since 2007.
By Anne Barker at 15 Jan 2015
Changes to the finance act
How can last minute changes in the Finance Act offer solutions?
By Anne Barker at 09 Jan 2015
Interest rates
We look at Mortgage Interest Rates over the last 4 months, how they have changed, what this means for buyers, and we make a prediction on what we think will happen in the next 4 months.
By Anne Barker at 15 Dec 2014
Automatic enrolment for partners
A ruling by the Supreme Court could mean that partners in an LLP might have to be considered for automatic enrolment. We look at the court's findings and The Pensions Regulator's interpretation.
By Anne Barker at 10 Dec 2014
Leaving partners without any income
Almost half of couples over the age of 40 have failed to make financial arrangements to make sure that their other halves will continue to receive an income on the death of their partner, according to Prudential.
By Anne Barker at 08 Dec 2014
Total 127 Articles - Page 21 of 26