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25 January 2021
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Declan's journey
Income protection: Declan's moment of truth.
By Anne Barker at 27 May 2015
Practice insurance
A practice insurance policy is designed to ease some of your biggest concerns as a practice owner, by helping to reduce the unnecessary expense, save you time and provide the surgery insurance cover you need for your business.
By Anne Barker at 01 May 2015
Protect yourself
Do you have a plan B? What if you got made redundant? Or had an accident? Or fell ill?
By Anne Barker at 22 Apr 2015
Medical Indemnity Insurance
Traditionally medical professionals have relied on the defense unions to provide them with indemnity cover. However the “indemnity” provided by the defense unions is on a discretionary basis - there is no guarantee that a claim will be paid - and if a claim is declined there are no rights of recourse or appeal via a regulator.
By Anne Barker at 16 Apr 2015
Practice overheads insurance
Staff within your practice may have income protection (or Permanent Health Insurance) to cover their own loss of earnings, but this might not offer the practice itself support.
By Anne Barker at 16 Apr 2015
Total 143 Articles - Page 22 of 29