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04 August 2020
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A little knowledge...
As evidenced by a recent forecast from The Centre for Economics Business Research that house prices in London could rise by 54% by 2020, it is becoming apparent that soaring house prices are making it increasingly important for chartered surveyors to protect homebuyers and lenders against the risk of a repeat housing market crash.
By Anne Barker at 05 Aug 2014
Know your products
People will insure virtually anything and everything. As well as compulsory insurance, they buy cover for white goods, mobile devices, and even moustaches!
By Anne Barker at 04 Aug 2014
Property void rates
Void rates can be key to income-growth potential - The unoccupied proportion of a property portfolio, or the 'void rate', can be crucial when examining the performance of property funds and their potential for income growth.
By Anne Barker at 31 Jul 2014
North-South divide
When it comes to the generosity of employer contributions for auto enrollment, workers in the South appear to have won the postcode lottery.
By Anne Barker at 28 Jul 2014
Movement in healthcare lending
Historically, lenders only usually considered repayment terms of up to 10 years for Goodwill loans for Dentists. However, more recently, some of the lenders on our panel have changed their criteria so that they are able to consider repayment terms of 15-20 years!
By Anne Barker at 04 Jul 2014
Total 127 Articles - Page 24 of 26