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25 January 2021
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Leaving partners without any income
Almost half of couples over the age of 40 have failed to make financial arrangements to make sure that their other halves will continue to receive an income on the death of their partner, according to Prudential.
By Anne Barker at 08 Dec 2014
Mortgage lending to jump 10%
Gross mortgage lending for next year is set to increase by around 10 per cent in 2015, experts have predicted, as the market bounces back in the wake of the general election.
By Anne Barker at 14 Nov 2014
Inflation report
Bank of England policymakers expect inflation to fall below 1% over the next six months, according to the latest quarterly Inflation Report.
By Anne Barker at 27 Oct 2014
First-time buyers paying more
In August 2014, prices paid by first-time buyers were 12.9 per cent more on average than in August 2013, according to data from the Office for National Statistics House Price Index released today (14 October).
By Anne Barker at 14 Oct 2014
Scotland slashes help to buy
The Scottish government has slashed it's ceiling for its Help to Buy scheme to £250,000 rather than the current £400,000 with effect from Wednesday (22 October).
By Anne Barker at 09 Oct 2014
Total 143 Articles - Page 25 of 29