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29 May 2020
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Group buyers are driving practice values in the dental sector

Scott Gidman looks at why group buyers are able to offer higher multiples of EBITDA when purchasing dental practices

By Scott Gidman at 13 Sep 2018
The only way is up in Scotland!

As the value of Scottish dental practices continues to rise, Ian Simms explains why now is a great time to buy or sell a dental practice in Scotland

By Ian Simms at 28 Aug 2018
Preparing to sell

Phillip Barker offers his top tips for those preparing to sell.

By Phillip Barker at 20 Aug 2018
ASK SCOTT: How long will I need to stay on after I sell my practice?

As a Practice Valuation Manager for MediEstates, Scott Gidman undertakes practice valuations as large as £9 million providing the vendor with a comprehensive business and property report. One of the most common questions he gets asked is “How long will I be expected to stay on, after I have sold my practice?”.

By Scott Gidman at 14 Aug 2018
There's no place like Home Counties!

As with the domestic property market, the value of and demand for a dental practice has a lot to do with its location. At the moment, it’s the Home Counties that is one of the major hotspots for dental practice demand. Scott Gidman considers why

By Scott Gidman at 02 Aug 2018
Total 126 Articles - Page 7 of 26