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29 May 2020
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ASK GARETH: How do you find out the true value of a dental practice?

Deciding whether to buy, sell or eve lease a dental practice is a major decision for practice principals. Gareth talks about the property considerations for practice transactions. 

By Gareth Walton at 12 Jul 2018
How to satisfy the CQC when buying or selling your practice

The role of the CQC in ensuring high-quality health and social care is, of course, an essential role, but managing to satisfy the regulator, particularly when buying or selling a practice can be challenging. Charlie Murphy provides some advice

By Charlie Murphy at 05 Jul 2018
ASK ANNE: CQC - as easy as 1, 2, 3?

It can be if you’re prepared and get expert advice!

By Anne Barker at 25 Jun 2018
Dental experts take the stress out of buying a practice

With so many balls in the air at once, buying a practice can be a stressful time. Grethe Louw knows this all too well and explains why seeking out expertise and getting your timing right is so important

By Grethe Louw (testimonial) at 21 Jun 2018
What's the deal?

Peter Cummings discusses NHS contract reform.

By Peter Cummings at 07 Jun 2018
Total 126 Articles - Page 8 of 26