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29 May 2020
MediFinancial understand the funding available in the dental market and the insurances needed to facilitate any Goodwill & Freehold lending.

To make it easier to understand our services I have given you an example below of how we have saved a Principal a considerable amount of money just by re-financing the business, which works similarly to newly acquired Dental Practices.

We saved our client £125,827.20 just by introducing them to more competitive lenders - this in turn strengthened his business and our ongoing business relationship.

Anne Barker of MediFinancial quotes:

“When changing to 1.98% above base for Goodwill and 2.3% above base for Freehold the savings were shocking.”.


Goodwill Loan - £302,584 over 10 years
  Monthly Repayments
3.98% above base £3,183.55
2.6% above base £2,971.11
Freehold Loan - £253,200 over 25 years
  Monthly Repayments
4.4% above base £1,482.12
3.6% above base £1,364.96
1.98% above base £2,878.09
Saving per month £305.46
Saving per year £3,665.52
Saving over the term £36,655.20
2.3% above base £1,184.28
Saving per month £297.24
Saving per year £3,566.88
Saving over the term £89,172.00


If any of your clients are looking for financial comparison at no cost – All they have to do is give us details of their loan required and their interest rate if applicable - We will factually review and analyse how competitive their facility is. This applies to existing owners and first time buyers.

Hope this gives you an indication of the benefit we give to our clients.
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