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28 September 2020
Until now only large businesses have been able to invest in and benefit from health and wellness programmes for their employees. That's why our providers have launched their Relevant Life Policy (RLP) with Vitality!

We know that people are the biggest asset for so many businesses - big or small. With the direct costs of employee absence estimated at £14bn per year, many businesses might think it's just about protecting against something going wrong. But even the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) recognises that better employee health can lead to better business performance through lower absence, higher productivity and better employee engagement. What's more, 80% of employees agree that "the healthier you are, the more productive you are". So encouraging a healthy workforce should also be a priority for businesses too.

As well as healthy employees, we know it's also about attracting and retaining the best people. In fact, nearly three, quarters of employees would be more likely to stay with a business that offers great benefits.

What are the benefits of RLP with Vitality?
  • Life cover for employees that is flexible and tax efficient - save nearly 50% tax
  • Access to our healthy living rewards programme. Health partner dicsount on things like health screening, stop smoking sessions and money off rewards such as health spas
  • Access even more benefits with Vitality Plus and Vitality Optimiser, including great benefits like discounted gym membership, a cinema ticket each week and money off cycles and holidays
  • Upfront discount, premium discount each year and cashback each year for the employer when they choose Vitality Optimiser

We don't think it should just be big business that have the tools to attract, motivate and protect their employees. RLP with Vitality now means small businesses can also enjoy big business benefits.
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